Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 2010

Birthdays have come and gone for the Steele Family. Kirk is fourteen and was ordained to the office of a Teacher at Church. He is growing so tall. He has grown about 9 inches since school started. I know he secretly is excited to be taller than Mom. We went to Universal Studios for his birthday. He had his best friend, Katie, along. We all had a blast. I think I am getting too old to be on the roller coasters. Jordan was able to go on one of the "big kid" roller coaster with Kirk and he was excited!!!!

Recently, I turned 40. I have mixed emotions about this age. Can it be true? 40--really? I am excited about my life. I love my husband, my three children, and my career. I love being in Primary and being around the children. I love that we are busy, but would love to take a time out. Let's see how the next 40 years go!!

Here are some pictures of our two youngest ones. Kirk went to a Dodger game at the last minute. The ticket came with all you can eat......and he ate all that he could!! Thank you Katie----I am glad you and Kirk are friends.

I love our Family!!!


  1. Your kids are adorable and I'm so glad you are blogging again! It sounds like you are really happy. I wish we were a bit closer so we could hang out with you guys.

  2. You just turned the BIG 40???? Dang I would have sent you a bday card! Happy belated birthday and by the way 40 is GREAT! LOL. I've done a few things now being in my 40's that i never did in my 20's! LOL. Your kids are so CUTE!!!