Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 25, 2009
Today Kirk left for Boy Scout Camp. The camp is located somewhere in New Mexico. He left around 4: 30 this morning. Emily and Jordan are missing him. Emily calls Kirk "Dirk" and has been looking for Dirk all day. Jordan keeps telling us that Kirk is at camp.
Can you believe that Jordan is this dark at age 3? He loves going to Papa and Grandma Scherwin's pool. He is a little fish.
Emily will not be outdone. She is 22 months old and has no fear when it comes to the pool. I wish I could day the same about Mom.
Well, the house is pretty quiet without Kirk.
We hope he is at camp. The drive was 16
hours long. I hope he survived the heat.
Tonight, Jordan is spending the night with Grandma and Papa. He is excited to spend the night with Uncle Jordan, aka Big Jordan. We know Jordan will have a wonderful time and look forward for Jordan to tell us his overnight adventures.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Feeding the Ducks

July 22, 2009
Today we went to the Rancho Park in Simi Valley to feed the ducks. I think this is the first time that Emily has fed the ducks. The kids had a blast. Jordan, Emily, and Kirk each had a bag filled with bread. They were able to feed the ducks with bread from their bag. They had a blast. Emily and Jordan even started to cry when we left. They loved feed ing the ducks. One duck ate bread out of Emily's hand. She is not afraid of anything except for naps.