Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here is a picture of Emily Sue. She loves hats. She loves being a girl, but doesn't hesitate to let the boys when she is upset.She loves playing with dolls, sliding down the slides, climbing up and down things and loves her daddy. She will cuddle with her daddy anytime and anyplace. She is very tall and beautiful. Jim and I can't believe that she will be two years old on October 2nd.
When Emily was born, my mom said that she was a "miracle". She was right. She can scream a scream that will drive mommy crazy. She also has a smile that will make you melt. Today, she finally said Uncle Jeremy's name. I don't know who was more excited: Uncle Jeremy or Mommy. She loves her family. She loves to greet everyone and will say hello and goodbye until she is content. We love her and her beautiful smile!
Kirk is in the eighth grade. Jim and I are having difficulty with our oldest boy growing up. He is excited to be back in school. He loves his classes, his friends, and teachers. He is becoming a good young man and a great example to his brother and sister. Kirk was able to attend Scout Camp in New Mexico. He loved it. He loves being a scout. He was able to shoot arrows, guns, and ride horses. He is our little cowboy. He has grown 9 inches in 8 months. He is know 5 foot 9 inches. He is also wearing a size 13 in shoes..... Jim and I will have to buy stock in Nike- quick. He also has had his share of "accidents". The day before camp, he got a cut on his toe. While at camp, the cut became infected. He didn't complain to anyone. When Jim and I saw the cut, he went immediately to Urgent Care. He had a bad infection and had to be on a lot of antibiotics and stay off his foot as much as possible. Then when that healed, he went with the ward to a boating activity. Yep, you are right. He got hurt again. He didn't tell anyone and had a fractured finger. He has been wearing a splint and last week he was able to take the splint off! Yay for Kirk or as Emily would say "Yah Dirk"

On September 14, 2009, Jordan started Preschool. Jim was able to take Jordan to preschool and take a few pictures. Where has the time gone?It just seems like yesterday that I brought him home from the hospital. He is excited to go to Preschool and loves his teacher Miss Sharon. She is great! He was able to play with playdough and even made some playdough at home with Emily and Mommy. He loves going to school. He also loves when Grandma Sara-Ann is able to pick him up from school. Then he is able to ride in her new car!!! Very cool. He wants to grow up and be big like Kirk. He loves spending time with Kirk as much as possible. He loves going to the movies with Grandma Sara-Ann, spending time with Papa Shelly, and wrestling with Uncle Jeremy.
He loves to call Papa Wacaster and ask him when he is coming to his house. He also loves talking to his Auntie Annette. He wants her to visit soon- "when it isn't raining". He told Mommy that soon he will have homework and so we will need to sit at the table just like Kirk. He loves to go places with his daddy. He loves to sit in the van and sing with the radio.

Couldn't resist. This is a picture of Emily taking a sip of her first shake. She giggled after she took he first sip and said it made her laugh. She and Jordan love Mickel Donalds .She also loves her daddy.